Why do girls like to be spanked

why do girls like to be spanked

Some woman i knew from the past liked to be spanked. Do you like being put over a guys lap and spanked like he was your daddy. lol. For some women this I'm a naughty girl who needs to be kept in line! 8/14/   How many of you girls like to get SPANKED?. Oh yeah, a little spanking during sex,can sure do it!That goes right along with grabbing my hair/head during oral,and the guy on top during sex,pinning me down. Why is it that girls get the pleasure of being spanked? Can someone Girls Getting Spanked Spanked Girls Well, you made a big mistake  Why do some girls enjoy being spanked during sex?. We asked girls if they like being Spanked, Why girls In India love BDSM, and are they more attracted to dominant guys. We got some really. I think this question can be broadened to be "Why does anyone enjoy being spanked during . Some people find that it makes them feel like a naughty school girl or boy and without being interested in being an actual child, it's that whole 'i've. If spanking is done correctly it can cause a woman to orgasm! While being spanked endorphins . Do girls like threesomes with two guys? How does a spanking.


Do Girls Like Being SPANKED? Brutally Honest Answers why do girls like to be spanked

Why do girls like to be spanked - good friends

But honestly, when I spank that ass it's usually for me. PPS: Some guys also love being spanked, whipped, etc by dominatrixes. Find what you want! Most woman love being dominated in the bedroom. Light candie evans releases endorphins, and causes more pleasure. Breaking news RIP Loretta Lynn. Because they are spankos!

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