Silverback gorilla attack

silverback gorilla attack

A video clip shows the terrifying moment that an angry male gorilla, a silverback, charges angrily at a little girl and cracks the glass to his. A scary video has emerged of a large silverback gorilla trying to attack a zoo visitor. A TERRIFIED tourist captured the moment a group of trekkers were attacked by a rampaging silverback gorilla. Taken in Rwanda, the film. Akarevuro the silverback gorilla (pictured) appears to have felt threatened took these pictures of Akarevuro the gorilla attacking Mr Courteau. A Gorilla attacks and drags a woman in Rwanda For Licensing please contact This is the untrimmed version of my video. Clearly you can see the gorilla wants at me. I in no way taunted him.

Silverback gorilla attack - Man

Note Reflection On Glass Of Girl Beating Her Chest, Challenging Big Gorilla To Combat. The man was setting up traps, and the gorilla reportedly attacked him from behind as he was running away. Read about our approach to external linking. Dog owners warned about deadly Alabama Rot that strikes in coldest months of the year.

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