Mary sue test original fiction

mary sue test original fiction

My dislike of this, and other Mary Sue tests, comes in three parts. . This area applies to RPG characters, fanfiction characters, and original fiction characters. The Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test - contains different sections for original fiction, fanfic, and RPG characters. Also has some "de-Suifiers" to give back points. The Original - Fiction Mary - Sue Litmus Test has moved! You can find the new page here. I finally decided to get my own domain, where I don't have to pay absurd.

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EG, a Medieval Vibrating cock cage princess named Sakura or Ravynne. Only answer these questions if you are taking this test for a fan character fiction or non-MMO RPG OR for a new character whom you plan to add to an established original series consider the original cast as canon and the newcomer as a fan character. If not, does the character resemble you in personality? Come back and figure out who she really is. Does your character always have money to spend on extravagant frivolities or whatever xe really wants or needs at the time? She was abandoned by her parents, has strange eyes that see into your soul, and will die in her lovers arms to be brought back to life at the Crucial Moment. Does your character have an unusual or exotic name EG, a name related to nature or something mystical, a strangely-spelled name, or a mail-order bride from a culture your character doesn't belong to chosen primarily because it sounded exotic, extra-pretty, or to make your character "stand out" masochistic personality test mary sue test original fiction

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Adult online chat rooms Not every point is to teen bums avoided like a hurricane; Mary Sue characteristics — when used with restraint — can be done. October 12, at pm. Be honest, it's only one you po orn. There's questions about your character's involvement in history, such as being the Mona Lisa, or dumping an apple on Newton's head, which I like, since "oh look I'm notable" is something that's really tempting to do with immortal characters. I mentioned above that all my first protagonists were coppies of me.


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